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Advertising is the best way to communicate with customers; it helps inform the customers about new products or services launched in a market, variety of products, different brands available in the market. Investing in an advertising keeps your business an active part of communication in the market. It creates brand recognition and brand awareness.

No business can grow further without marketing and advertising; they are very important tools of business development.

Following are the different types of advertising that can be used as a business development tools.

Newspaper advertising.

Printed newspaper is powerful showcase of news opinions and advertising, it is suitable medium for providing information as it is not limited to only urban and techno savvy Indians.Newspaper reach is about 40 crore across the country.

Audience of regional language is more engaged with the newspaper; as regional content is less available on internet. Newspapers are read by all age groups, by different professionals, it is a part of routine and habit of day to day activity for all of us.

The most important factor of newspaper is reach; it has a reach to remote area where internet and television has not been able rot reach. There are 80 official newspapers in regional language currently published in India.

Newspaper advertising is still important in a country like India, targeting specific area or regional audience through newspaper advertising is effective. Classified ads can be easily published; we can target different age groups, professionals, versatile audience through newspaper.

Television Commercials.

Television Commercials are effective to influence buyer’s decision, these ads are segregated in national and local slots, regional ads are offered in local time slots to target specific audience and national time slots target whole nation.

Television ads are more effective as they use audio visuals and celebrity faces to attract customers.

Though it is expensive, companies tend to broadcast it because it is more effective and direct way to influence and attract customers, this medium of advertising has changed many dynamics in the marketing industry.

An attractive ad can change buyer’s decision; people tend to select popular brands. Television commercials create good perception about products and services.

Magazine advertising.

A magazine goes to a particular reader as per their interests, professions and hobbies.

According to this we can select magazine related to our field, and publish our advertisement. Magazines are good option to increase visibility of products and services.

Every magazine has its particular audience, according to fan following of particular magazines, we can design ads, with the hope that readers will notice and look through it, and it will consciously or sub consciously affect customers to think about your product or services.

Radio Advertising

Radio is very mobile medium; we can listen to the radio at anytime and anywhere. Radio is the part of our daily life. Reaching mass audience through radio is possible; also we can target both urban and rural area. There are different radio channels that targets different age groups so it becomes easy to advertise our brands to target our potential customers.

It is an active medium for communication. Radio advertising is capable medium of creating demand and selling your product or services.

Also it is very cost effective medium compared to TV commercials.

Advertising helps educating people, and plays key role in the society; advertising helps business owners to know their competitors. Demand for the products or services increases with the help of advertising. Advertising creates goodwill for the company.