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By hearing the word “Academic Degree” the first thing that comes to my mind is “my academic qualification”.

But does it really qualify your knowledge?

When I entered college life my parents and my college faculty told me how important it is to achieve your Academic degree. You have to work hard for 3-4 years to achieve your degree.

I thought once I achieve my degree I don’t have to worry about my career as I will easily get a job.

Now, I am graduated and within few months I will get my “Academic Degree”. After my graduation completed I started looking for jobs, then I realized reality has its different taste.

We are hired on the basis of our knowledge and not just our qualification. Success doesn’t depend on how much qualified you are but it depends on how much knowledge you have.

Students are gone under so much pressure to achieve just a “degree” with good grades but meanwhile, they fail to seek knowledge.

It is your knowledge that makes you successful in real life.